Shap Rural

Photographer: Chris Sale

Location: Shap Rural Civil Parish, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Date: January to December 2021

"The Shap Rural Civil Parish surrounds the village of Shap on the far eastern edge of the Lake District. Despite it's close proximity to junction 39 of the M6 motorway, it is an area that is overlooked by the vast majority of visitors to the national park. This project aims to showcase the unique beauty of the area and to encourage people to explore this forgotten corner of Cumbria for themselves."

The Isle of Wight

Photographer: Chris Cockfoft

Location: The Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Date: January to December 2021

"The Isle of Wight sits off the Southern Coast of the British mainland and is often referred to as 'England in Miniature'. With a mix of rolling downland, agricultural land and a varied coastline. This project aims to highlight the beauty of the Island."


Photographer: David Ingram

Location: Holderness, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

Date: January to December 2021

"Holderness, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, is an area of predominately agricultural land with pockets of fossil fuel and renewable energy industries and a changing coastline shaped by coastal erosion. The project aims to show this variety of landscape, often overlooked by both visitors and those living in the area."


Photographer: Jörg Terhart

Location: Hadsel, Vesterålen, Northern Norway

Date: December 2020 to November 2021

"My first attempt to plan and carry out a project over a long period of time."

Rund um Hamm

Photographer: Horst Wulf

Location: Hamm, Ruhr-Area, Germany

Date: February to December 2021

"Hamm, a city in the eastern Ruhr-area of North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany offers variety of existing landscape/nature, industrial and architectural landmarks. The project features a selection of locations 'Rund um Hamm'."

The Beauty of East Sussex

Photographer: Peter Cornish

Location: East Sussex, United Kingdom

Date: January to December 2021

"I live in East Sussex in the south east corner of England. The aim of my project is to share its beauty with you as I travelled around it bike during 2021, combining my interest in photography with my enjoyment of cycling."

Barrie, Ontario

Photographer: Keith Pinn

Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Date: February 2021 to January 2022

"Barrie is city of 150,000+ but it is very close to some of the most desirable locations to vacation in Ontario, "The Muskoka's". The locations that I have chosen for this Project are within a 1.5 drive of my home. However, the impact of Covid-19 has made getting to these locations difficult at time."

Coastal Views

Photographer: Alan Pinn

Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Date: March 2021 to February 2022

"Yarmouth is an area at the extreme south west tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. It's surrounded by ocean and provides and extensive selection of coastal scenery. From beaches, to cliffs to open meadows - it provides endless possibilities for landscape photography. In this project, I've focused on the vistas in this "new to me" area. "

12 Significante Foto’s

Photographer: Gilbert Schroevers

Location: Zeeland, The Netherlands

Date: January to December 2021

"This is my first attempt to carry out a project of this size locally. The project is about 12 beautiful locations in Zeeland, and what a diverse landscape it has to offer. Despite we often go to beautiful areas outside our hometown there is often a lot of beauty to see close by. You just have to look and see."

12 Significant Images

Photographer: Stephen Kennedy

Location: North West of England

Date: April 2021 to March 2022

"This project showcases 12 locations and whilst not covering each of the months of the project year these are my favourite images from each location."